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Synvaria is empowering talents with technical expertise to help them boost their online presence and artistic careers. We're making sure talent gets seen.

Innovators at heart.

In our vast and diverse world, artists of various forms - singers, painters, sculptors, and countless others - possess extraordinary talents that are often overlooked and underappreciated. Each day, these individuals pour their hearts and souls into their creations, dedicating countless hours of effort to produce works of art that resonate with the human experience. Yet, sadly, it feels as though only a select few have the privilege of truly noticing and recognizing their brilliance. It's disheartening to witness so many hidden gems remaining concealed, their potential unrealized and unacknowledged.

Amidst this sea of uncelebrated talent, a beacon of hope emerges: Synvaria. With a passionate desire to support and uplift artists, we have taken upon ourselves the noble task of boosting their online presence, ensuring that their incredible work reaches a wider audience. Our mission is to bridge the gap between undiscovered brilliance and eager admirers, to shed light on the remarkable artistic contributions that often go unnoticed.

At Synvaria, we firmly believe that every artist deserves a platform to showcase their creativity. To that end, we provide a range of invaluable services, all completely free of charge. From custom-designed websites that reflect their unique style and artistic vision, to captivating cover art that entices viewers to delve deeper into their work, our dedicated team of professionals is committed to creating a digital space that truly captures the essence of their artistry.

So, if you are an artist seeking to be seen, if you yearn for your work to be appreciated and cherished by a wider audience, we invite you to join us on this incredible journey. Let Synvaria be your guiding light, your advocate in the realm of digital exposure. Together, we can unlock the doors to success and ensure that your talent shines brightly in the ever-expanding universe of art appreciation.

Our potential to empower your journey.

Custom website building

We'll build, host, and maintain your very own, custom website for you or your group.

Graphic design

We'll design art/song/album covers, social media posts, and all kind of media content for you or your group, on demand.


We'll give our best to promote your music/art, your social media accounts, your site, and yourself.

Online presence management

We'll guide you trough the steps that you'll need to take to build a powerful online presence.

How this works.

At Synvaria, we believe that every artist, regardless of their level of popularity or recognition, deserves an opportunity to showcase their talent and receive support. As part of our commitment to fostering artistic growth, we offer free collaborations to artists who have yet to achieve widespread acclaim. It is our way of extending a helping hand to those who may have been overlooked by traditional avenues of exposure.

We invite anyone, popular or not, to apply for our free collaboration program. Once you submit your application, our dedicated staff members at S42 will carefully review it, and if accepted, you will receive an email notification. This email will serve as the beginning of a personalized journey, as you will be assigned a staff member who will guide you through the process of getting started.

To create a solid foundation for your online presence, we will require some information about you or your group. This will enable us to craft tailored content that truly reflects your artistic identity. Our team will work closely with you, ensuring that your vision is understood and incorporated into every aspect of your website and other media materials. We value your input and encourage you to share your preferences and ideas, so together we can create a digital space that authentically represents your artistry.

While our free initiative covers a wide range of services, there are certain optional elements that may require additional investment. For instance, if you desire a dedicated domain name (e.g.,, it is not covered within our budgetary constraints. However, you have the choice to opt for a free subdomain (e.g.,, which allows us to continue supporting your online presence without any extra costs.

Rest assured that we take care of the technical aspects of hosting your website and providing custom email addresses, relieving you of those responsibilities. Our goal is to streamline the entire process, allowing you to focus on your artistic pursuits while we handle the intricacies of website management and maintenance.

Throughout this collaboration, your assigned staff member will maintain regular communication with you, ensuring that your needs are met and any necessary adjustments are made promptly. We understand that artistic expression is deeply personal, and we are committed to delivering a result that resonates with your unique style and preferences.

At Synvaria, our ultimate aim is to empower artists, regardless of their level of fame or recognition, by providing them with the tools and support they need to thrive in the digital realm. We believe that talent knows no boundaries, and it is our privilege to be a part of your artistic journey, elevating your online presence and helping you reach a wider audience.

Get a website

We'll build you a full website and we'll make sure you like it. Your colors, your branding, events page, and everything you can imagine.

Get a professional email address

We'll make sure you get your custom, professional business email address. E.g. [email protected].

Get media art

We'll design your social media posts, album/song/art covers, invitations, and anything else.

Frequently asked questions

  • How much does it cost to get started?
    You can get started 100% for free once accepted.
  • Can I choose the content of my website?
    Of course. Just tell us how you want your website to be structured, and we'll take care of it.
  • How long does this collaboration last?
    You will be supported for free for as long as we can, there is no fixed time period for collaborations.
  • What are the requirements?
    We have no fixed requirements, yet we will not accept anyone who applies. We reserve the right to select our partners.